Entry #1

I know this may sound stupid but..

2010-08-27 16:47:32 by Shitassm

..I just learned the ropes of how to use flash last night. I've been wondering how to all this time for years now. And I never could get it to do what I wanted it to. But I went on youtube and googled some tutorials and what do ya know. Its ALOT easier than I thought it would be. haha. Im excited about that.


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2010-08-27 17:02:46

Awesome! Now let's see you upload a masterpiece!


2010-08-28 23:03:40

also if u need tutorials for 2004 then too bad. u might wanna try to at least get 2006 or higher. Those ones have tutorials available but more like a giant manual that is boring to read.


2011-04-23 10:40:28

I appreciate the fact that you learn something, but yet you have still to improve, but I can atleast say that you have a little bit potential.